Zürich, April 15th 2003


IBM's Zürich Research Laboratory has chosen to invest in OMNEST™ licenses for its research.

"For a young company such as ours, the confidence of such a well established leader in technology research is a huge reward indeed. Its a great feeling when you know, that your product is used to build great things for the future." commented András Varga, author of OMNEST.

"This is the very same research lab where Token Ring was invented in the 1980s, which is a good indicator of how inventive and demanding researchers are at this facility. I feel great about this deal, not only because it is a great reference, but also because OMNEST™ will be used to create great new technologies for the future. This is exactly what I had in mind, when I designed the product in the first place." said András Varga.

A senior researcher at IBM who uses OMNEST™ daily, had this to say about OMNEST™ at IBM Research labs: "We have been using OMNeT++ previously, and have found it to be a very productive and versatile tool. We decided to use it in our commercial projects as well, since it allows us to retain our own style of work, integrating seamlessly with the tools environment we use in the lab. We have never seen such detailed results produced in so little time with such ease before. One particular benefit that we have grown to love in OMNEST™ is how easy it is to follow the whole experiment on any level. We can use it to try out a theorem, develop a solution, and also provide proof or the results in one go. Since the whole system is completely transparent, anyone can follow exactly what is happening inside the simulation. This way, the simulated technology can step out of the lab and right into production faster than ever."

About IBM's Zürich Research Laboratory:

The research projects pursued at IBM's Zurich Research Laboratory are organized into three scientific and technical departments: Communication Systems, Computer Science, and Science & Technology. Also located at Zurich are the Industry Solutions Lab (ISL), an executive briefing facility, as well as the Mobile Solution Innovation Centre, a forum where IBM integrates and demonstrates the latest IBM mobile e-business offerings and partner technologies.

For more information, please visit: IBM's Zürich Research Laboratory.