Paris, March 1st 2004

Last year MEGA International decided to embed OMNEST™ technology into their Business Process Analysis and Enterprise Architecture Solutions suite, which resulted in simulation capabilities being added into the MEGA Process product.

"The integration went well and we now have the product on the road with version 6.1 of our suite. Our simulation feature has already been benchmarked by analysts and we are proud to say that they ranked it as the tool of choice for business improvement," said Mr. Jacques Mercey, VP of Development at MEGA International. "We have evaluated a number of solutions on the market before deciding for OMNEST™. OMNEST™ provided the most flexibility and the best integration into our product due to its open architecture," he added.

"The new version of MEGA Process has been successfully released and the simulation feature has pleasantly surprised people that were waiting for it. This success has only been possible thanks to the excellent quality and design of your product. This allowed us to create a feature much more powerful than we were expected at the beginning of the project. That is definitively the proof we made the good choice when choosing OMNEST," said Mr. Nicolas Betbeder-Matibet, lead developer of the MEGA software suite.

"We are very happy and proud to be associated with such a renown company as MEGA International. I believe this partnership is destined to be a very productive one. MEGA International has a wealth of experience in the business process arena, while our simulation technology is versatile and open enough to be easily applied by them. This deal will serve the benefit of all MEGA customers, and we will do all that we can to help MEGA integrate our engine into their products." - said András Varga, author of OMNEST. when questioned on the deal.

"This partnership with MEGA International expands the application radius of OMNEST™ simulation technology by a fat mile. This is a classical win-win scenario, and one we will be looking to repeat as often as possible. We will continue to focus on our core segment, to provide the best simulation technology to IT professionals on the market, but it is clearly evident, that the technology itself is capable of serving a variety of different markets equally well. We will keep a lookout for opportunities to partner with experts of different fields where Simulcraft is not directly involved, but the technology could provide benefits to customers of companies already acquainted with other markets where simulation can be of benefit to the overall product offering." - said Gábor Tabi

About MEGA:
MEGA International ( is the leading independent provider of Business Process Analysis (BPA) and Enterprise Architecture (EA) solutions. Side by side with client design teams, MEGA's highly trained, project-proven consultants deliver concrete business results to drive enterprise competitiveness. MEGA solutions improve organizational efficiency by connecting fast changing business processes with IT development efforts. MEGA BPA and EA Solutions enable business and IT stakeholders to drive bottom line profits, unlock new customer value, and otherwise minimize the risk involved with changing critical business processes.
Founded in 1991, MEGA has delivered successful projects to over 800 clients. MEGA's process-oriented consultative approach has provided significant value to its clients including Alitalia, Allianz, AXA, British American Tobacco, Credit Lyonnais, General Electric EP, Renault, Target, Vitro and Wyeth. MEGA is headquartered in Paris, with offices in Boston (USA), Birmingham (UK), Munich (Germany) and Milano (Italy) and with partners located around the globe. MEGA supports over 23,000 software licenses worldwide.